• Type out the words & Press Enter - to Attack
  • Backspace  - to dodge

there might be some bugs since its just a jam game.

 I was nominated for the #ChainLetter jam off the this game by @miziziziz and chose the theme based off his entry "Wordman Saves The Day"


If nominated, you have two weeks to make a 1 minute game in some way inspired by the game that nominated you.

Once finished, put #ChainLetterJam in your game description, a link to the game that nominated you, and then nominate two other devs (or less or more, whatever, this isn't a chain letter where you die in three days if you don't).


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this is actually a really cool concept though some music would be nice

I beat Level 1 without getting defeated by red!


This was awesome.  Great work!

tf am i supposed to type?

can't be that hard to figure it out

i have small brain what am i suppose type


I LOVE typing games. This was probably one of the most satisfying ones; as the others already pointed out, finishing a word gives you more motivation to hammer another hit. The sound effects and the movement really eggs you on. Incredible stuff as usual Salman!!


This is a pretty fun concept. I think it would be really cool if there a multiplayer option. Going against the single player levels are just too easy for fast typers. Even only typing at 80 wpm, I never got hit once.


haha love the concept and its realization. I found the most interesting moment, that each successful hit gives you little motivation and rush to make a new quick attack where enemy stun is a great addition to make this feeling even more fun) very good job man!


Nice Twist on the Typing Game Genre. The use of backspace while fun leads t finger reaching which makes it hareder to type though. Pretty good game though.


Most exciting typing game!


Haha, I couldn't go further than level 6 for now.. I'm a bit slow at typing I guess.. I'll come back to it later. Really fun! Animations are polished. Really funny little game you made there ^^


Glad you liked it