Made for the GMTK 2020 Jam, theme being "Out of Control"

Post Jam update 19/07/2020  - updated the hand physics, added audio & fixed couple bugs

music :  "Space Fleet Rejects" by Eric Matyas 

if anything goes wrong press "R" to RESTART

Keyboard & Mouse

  • WASD - to move 
  • Left Click - Grab and Punch.


  • Left Stick - To move
  • Right Stick - To Aim
  • A Button / Left Trigger - Jump
  • Right  Trigger - to Grab and Punch
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(6 total ratings)
AuthorSalman Shurie (Salman_Shh)
Made withConstruct
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Gamepad (any), Playstation controller
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, Blind friendly


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my death speed run Also this has a few strats for real speed running just used wrongly so death


he got an ARM

 I have one question how to create drop shadows? Use some fx plugin?

for what I see, this was made using one of my C3 effects on sale. :) have fun.

sorry, using different shaders lol

lol nice... in case you are interested, my shaders offer a bit more customization. nice game btw!


So good!! I had loads of fun with this. Def one of your best games so far, but let's be real they're all golden <3

Hot Tip: open this in a new tab to complete the experience

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Fun game! I feel like the arm is too difficult to control with the mouse, as it gets stuck on the environment. Perhaps have the game suggest hook points and automatically connect for you when you press a "swing" button for example. Cute game and sweet effects though. Levels were smart as well, especially with the more swinging sections.

I loved everything except the shake-y camera/shader effect.. but that's just because my eyes are tired :D Had fun finishing it even then :D

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I agree on the shakiness, but otherwise it´s really fun. Also you can basically float with crates :)


Nicely done, i like that there are so many ways you can find to finish a level.


Fun game, although the shaking of the arm is really frustrating


I love the slow mo entries into the goal.  Juicy wobbly and cool mech to reach the end of the level. Fun to play!


The game has easy controls, fun levels, and original concepts! However, the shakiness of it can be a little uncomfortable sometimes. Plus, it doesn't have any sound. (I think) A good job overall!