Speed Running Puzzle Platformer in which you use your bubble maker to make platforms and move objects in order to collect some carrots!


Playable with a Keyboard. Gamepad & Touch controls. 

BUBBUN was developed by


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new record

Pro Gamer.

is there any download for windows? plz..

sadly no, sorry bout that

I'm trying out this game but I can only shoot right and it's impeding progress. Bug or feature?

that doesn't sound right... You should be able to shoot left or right and switching between them by moving towards those directions

It's a fault on my end. When my game pad is plugged, it somehow locks the right direction.

However, when it wasn't making the character move right, I assumed the gun was controlled separately. So, somehow the gamepad was making the gun always point right.


Carrots are love. Carrots are life.

Run, bun and bubble gun your way through a challenging platformer as you seek the ultimate reward. Delicious blue carrots.

With divine music and a high skill ceiling for the truly devoted runner be ready to spend many an hour with this delightful game as you go down the speedrunning rabbit hole...



very nice game.Love the art the pace and the little music:) just a bit slow .Would love to have an exe instead of browser


Love it!


I love a creative plattformer and this one totally hits the spot! Really nice graphics, leven design and also the sounddesign and music are real neat.


Wow, you put a lot of polish into this! It looks, feels, and sounds amazing. It is a bit tough to control, but that's part of the difficulty. Also, I feel like some of the on/off blocks didn't do anything that normal blocks wouldn't in one or two of the levels, but other than that, it was really well done!

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This game is fun. I got 2:56


Totally dig this! Feels so well put together.


nice game


Great mechanic :) cute character <3


I like it


This is fun!


Love it


great concept , really enjoyed that !


Great fun, fun for speed running and a little puzzle solving. Ouch, got spikes in my head a couple times!