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great game! but please add wasd or arrow key controlls


that kind of breaks the point of the game, being a control scheme that is made up of taps

le jeu est trop bien   merci

Thank you :D

wa pau wapu pu pau les go

thank you??

its supposed to be the song from the game



I love this art style sooo much!

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Impressive for a game jam!

Good graphics and really fun!

But why the hell does it remind me of FNF?


if you continuously hold down the button, the game constantly thinks you're spinning, allowing you to gain infinite speed

good game tho


nice game I enjoyed


Simple mechanics, but really catchy!


Sweet! πŸ˜—πŸ‘Œ


DARN. Its hard, but good

lol i slipped off the win pad so i fell into the water and died

Dude. Get some polish and shine this up and this would be totally rad on THE MANS platform. (Translation: you should finish this up and release it for the play store and Google app store.)


That's the plan! (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞


It's very strange, but fun to play. :)



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infinite speed by holding down click :)

For me it is a nice game but I would like some improvements.  1. When you reach the finish the "skateboarder" practically if our palyer is going forward and falls into the water the game tells me that since I fell in the water I have to redo the level even if I crossed the finish line. So now you need to do one of these things:  1) Enter a command that when the player touches the finish line you must stop  2) Enter a command that even if I fall into the water and cross the finish line, it doesn't tell me anything about the water  2. I don't know if you used construct 3 but if you used that program then add the "Local Storage" object to your project    FANTASTIC GAME   (I don't know the opinions of others)

It took me a little while to get used to the controls but when I did this became a lot of fun! I also love the style of the game with its graphics and music!

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The easter egg GO

The triangle bug 

The bug of lose

So cool!

Nice! creative use of controls

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Okay, let me say I love this interactive game, but why does it say I have to support this game? Is this a bug? or did you do this? Please tell me. :(


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Thanks for telling me. :) But I'm not 13. so I can't make a DeviantArt account. :( But I can make accounts on some other websites! :)


Love the game! although screen shaking and it moving fast is well i didnt really like it. can you maybe change that?

once I get some free time, hopefully soon!

The super spin is overpowered, nice game tho.

Pretty Cool. Didnt like the screen shaking tho.



Got stuck in the first giant U. How can I speed up to escape?

holding the mouse button and jumping.


I go zoom

at least

can we have a download of the game?



Not till Theres a post-jam version made

ok :)

im so bad lol

I beat it in one minute but still its an awesome game!





𝔾𝕠𝕠𝕕 π”Ύπ•’π•žπ•–.

Please call the post apocalyptic sequel "Fallout Tap Tricks".  Thanks!


I'll think about it

Thanks :)


had a hard time jumping but it was really fun

Really fun!

fun but kinda hard

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