- Ropes 'n Rockets! -

Made for Ludum Dare 34: Theme - "Two Buttons"

Ropes In Rockets! is a two button arcade game where you have to combo-attach to multiple rockets in a small amount of time without getting hit or failing to throw your rope to another rocket

- Story -

TLDR. - Little Purple wanted to reach for the sky.

- Controls -

Right Click - Detach the rope from a rocket

Left Click - (Attached to a Rocket) Swing Left or Right // (Falling) Throw Rope to attach to a rocket!

Cursor Position (Mouse/Last Tap) - to move the rockets left and right or side to swing to horizontally


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RopesNRockets - Windows (32 & 64 bit).zip 113 MB
RopesNRockets - OSX (64 bit).zip 92 MB
RopesNRockets - Linux (32 & 64 bit).zip 112 MB
Ropes 'n Rockets - Source Code 9 MB


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dosent work is just stuck with an orange screen

thats weird! it shouldn't be happening - it should change after an input.

On chrome doesn't work, firefox ok