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I did it. I'm now never playing this again.



GUN GOLF by Amelus Digital Pty Limited

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this demo was made nearly a year ago, if you are trying to insinuate we copied you are dead wrong lol


thanks for stopping by.

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No no nothing that serious, just how crazy it is!  If anything it was subconsciously the opposite, the dev and I on that one were prototyping together


not gonna lie but the original comment came off as malicious to me. felt quite serious.


Fair enough!

Ok. This game creates addiction.

glad you liked it :)

let me know if you need any SFX done


Really like the whole concept and art work of the game! But I found a trouble some glitch where you can get stuck in the walls, found it on lvl 5. Not sure if you guys are aware but i just thought I'd bring it to your attention.


This was a blast - really enjoyed the underwater levels and that final one nice work guys