A downloadable game for Windows

- influenced by Vlambeer's Luftrausers -

The country of Arstotzka sets out brave volunteers off to the skies performing daring feats of death and destruction in the name of their glorious country against the invading forces of Grestin. The player takes control of the volunteer pilots setting the skies aflame of sparsely distant enemy forces.

The enemies in the game will be spawned based on the number of and the type of enemies the player has destroyed, meaning that each adversary increases the difficulty level for the round. Each enemy type amplifies the difficulty at different rates. The more formidable enemies increase in level more than the smaller foes. The Enemy types consist of;

  • Assault – Tails the player periodically firing a single bullet
  • Jet – Bigger than Assault move very quickly around periodically firing 2 bullets
  • Ace – Similar to a Jet yet fire a stream of shots
  • Blimp – The largest foe and hardest to take down shooting 6 bullets on collision with player bullet
  • Kamikaze - Tries to collide with the player and blow up on collision with player.


Glory To Arstotzka.zip 14 MB